Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy March!!!

We traveled to Uncle Aaron's house (near Batesville) this weekend for his birthday. Bella had a blast playing with her guys (Uncle Popeye and Pop) outside and chasing Blondie around.
My favoritest picture from this weekend. She looks like such a big girl just sitting there!!!

Blondie checking out Miss Thang with her Mardi Gras bling (FYI-Pop, Bella HAD to wear her beads to the doctor this afternoon!! Luckily it was only 2 strands of purple beads which matched her purple shirt LOL)



"I DO IT!!!" climbing up the slide

TADAAAA I made it!!!

Swinging with Pop

Watching Blondie chase the ball with Uncle Popeye

Best Buddies

Pop's Girl loving the outdoors

LOVE this one!! She was picking "flowers"

Riding Blondie the Horse!!!

Bella left our house on Saturday morning with a CLEAR runny nose and woke up Monday morning with a nasty cough and disgusting gunky nose and fever. This is what the beauty queen looks like when she feels pitiful.

Poor lil fever eyes and red nose. Ignore the dinner crust-we were thrilled she was eating!! And yes, she HAD to wear Daddy's necklace on her head (you don't see the purple shoes that are 2 sizes too big-again, HAD to wear them LOL)

I swear, no drugs had entered this child's system during the taking of this picture!!! (wait 30 minutes LOL) Poor missy has a lil 'tude even when she is sick LOL

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