Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring Swinging!!!

We had some awesome weather this weekend and Bella was SOOOOO happy to be outside again!! She was jumping up and down when Daddy put her swing back up in the tree:) Bummer-looks like she definitely has allergies:( Everytime we took her outside, her eyes would run so much it looked like she was bawling and her nose just went crazy. PLUS she is getting her bottom molars AND canine teeth in so she isn't feeling like sunshiney Bella.

Pretty girl loving her swing!! She loves it when Daddy pushes her REALLLLY high!

Miss Seriousness keeping an eye on everything going on

I'm gonna get you Mama!!!!

Our pride and joy-our little couch potato LOL At least she crosses her legs like a lil lady (right after she farts and burps like an old man LOL)

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