Sunday, March 23, 2008


HAPPY EASTER!!! Hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend! We were blessed to spend it with so many family and friends!! The weather was a bit chilly but beautiful, sunny skies:)

The May Trio on Easter- someone is a little too busy for pictures now:)

Bella's Playgroup had an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday-it was a blast!!! Bella got to experiene her first juice box with a big girl straw and now she is an addict:) Jessfern (Mama's cousin) is helping her out.
I got this!!!!

She comes from a long line of table dancers:) Playing with Daddy and Jessi

Hunting for eggs with Jessi and "Pon Bob"

Taking her finds to Jessi & Bob

Some of her loot around her neck

yummmmmmmmmmm CANDYYYY!!!!!

awwww sparklies

Hang on, gotta make sure I didn't miss any eggs LOL We separated the "big kid" eggs and the baby eggs-Bella and her friend, Anna, were the only big kids so they got to totally monopolize:) Bella ended up overflowing her "Pon Bob" basket AND her jacket so she decided to hunt some more eggs and put them in Anna's basket:)

Sunday we went to church with Gramma and then went to visit with Mema. Bella found a random Easter shovel to play with:)

Helping Mema & Gramma open their Easter cards

Trying to climb the stairs in her dress at Mema's LOL

Playing peek-a-boo at Nana's house

Looking all prim and proper (think she actually fooled anyone? LOL)

Look Mama, fancy sleeves!!!

GORGEOUS Easter dress with her lil lady matching coat thanks to Aunt 'Net!!!
Playing at Nana's before we went to lunch

Papa's girl


Calling "Pon Bob" on her play phone with Nana

The girls- Bella with Jessafern and Aunt 'Tacy

hehe lil stinker playing music at Mema's while we watched the Hogs lose to UNC (fine with me-made my brackets pretty:) OF COURSE I AM KICKING BEN'S BOOOOOTAY FOR THE 4th YEAR IN A ROW!!!!!!)


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