Monday, April 28, 2008


From iVillage:

You are 5 Weeks Pregnant!


Your body is working overtime to produce a special new life. You may feel exhausted and unusually cranky. Of course, running to the bathroom every few minutes doesn't help. This is due to your increased metabolism and growing uterus. Your breasts may be particularly tender now and you may find that sleeping in a sports bra helps. Don't worry, breast growth will slow within the next three weeks.


During the next few days, your baby's heart will start early contractions, which later become distinct beats. By the end of the third week of gestation (five weeks in menstrual age) the length of the embryo is about 1.5 to 2 millimeters long. All of your baby's major organs are under development, and facial features, such as ears and eyes, begin to form. The neural tube, which will later be referred to as the spinal cord, will fuse this week. And buds appear that will soon be the arms and legs. No wonder you are so tired!

I can definitely attest to the increase in bathroom trips, exhaustion and sore and swollen boobs. I'm finding that wearing my old nursing bras are much more comfortable. My jeans are too uncomfy yet but I can tell a difference in the waist.

My first OB appt is this afternoon. I'll be meeting Dr. Ford for the first time. I've decided to go with Pinnacle Women's Health and deliver at Willow Creek. I'd LOVE to have Dr. Gorman again but the drive was killer when I was preggo with Bella and gas prices have gotten to high to even consider it BUT we will use Willow Creek again for delivery since Dr. Ford has delivery privileges there and I feel much more comfortable there. I've already heard enough horror stories about the new hospital to make me avoid it for L&D even tho I was really excited about it being so close and having a NICU. I just love the security they have in place at Willow Creek and the fact that they specialize in delivering babies, and its a place we know and were so happy with when we had Bella. Not many places let you have more than one person in the OR with you for a C-Section:)

I really think Bella knows something is up-its like the same 6th sense that pets have when someone is pregnant. She has been uber clingy and having major separation anxiety over the past few weeks-something I'm not use to so I had just chalked it up to the fact that she never really had bad separation anxiety as a baby so maybe it was just kicking in during her toddler years. Its gotten better over the past day or so but she is still clingier than normal. Poor lil punkin has a world of hurt coming for her in December-she HATES it when I hold babies LOL I guess its something we can work on for 9 months:) She LOVES to hold baby dolls and play mama to them. I think she is gonna be an awesome big sister once she gets past the jealousy. She loves to help (child is a NEAT freak!!!!) and I've even seen her in the baby room at school helping the teachers. We'll see-it'll be a HUGE adjustment for her but I think we'll survive and she'll do good.

We are planning on moving our room into the computer/game room, turning our old room into Bella's room and leaving the nursery for the baby. Bella is ready for a big girl bed so its good timing. I think we are gonna work on that the weekend of Ben's bday since we'll have some extra muscle here to help out. We were gonna either convert the garage into the master with a master bath and leave the computer/game room as is with a utility room but with a new roof and now having to get a new septic, it ain't gonna happen. So we'll just put a door on the computer room and be done with it. This house WILL be painted before the baby arrives!!!!!

The septic guys come out tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure they'll have to dig up the whole damn backyard which is fine with me (as long as they leave my apple tree alone!!) cuz then the rocks will magically disappear and we can grow a REAL yard!!!!!!!!! YAY for me and Bella having a backyard:) (Daddy can have fun taking care of it LOL) k outta here to get Bean outta bed (she never fell asleep today just read and talked to her animals) so she can go play at Grma's while I go to the OB:)

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