Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy April:)

Soooooo someone was kind enough to alert me to the fact that the blog hasn't been updated in AGES and my camera needed to be emptied so here ya go:)

My awesomest cousin Jessafern was here for Spring Break (I MISS YOU!!!!) and she takes the best pictures EVER (yes, you have to endure her paparazzi style flashing but its worth it!). She took this one of Bella and I holding hands in the car one day. I love it!!!! I know this is silly but the very first time I saw it, I swore that was my Nana's hand-we both have very petite hands and my hand looks SO much like hers in this picture. I miss holding her tiny hands.
ok Mom, I PROMISE I'm not purposely making this a sappy Nana blog post but I can't help it! This is one of Bella's favorite things to do when she is at GiGi & Papa's house-dig through "HER" cabinet which is full of tupperware so she can't get into any trouble LOL Nana LOVED this-she loved having Bella around no matter what but she really loved just being in the kitchen with her and letting her bang around and just be a kid. Another beautiful pic courtesty of Jessafern.

Will that be a cut and color today ma'am?

Another one of my fav Jess pics-Bella is helping her duck blow bubbles:)

More bubble adventures with Jessica

I love my sweet girls!!!!
HAHA Bella trying to escape with the bubble dish and Daddy chasing her around the house!
Papa's bird feeder contraption that Bella LOVES!!! She likes to say "teet teet" (instead of tweet)when she sees birds.

I'm convinced this is what she thinks she was born for-the life of a queen wearing Mardi Gras beads and channel surfing

What a bunch of bums!!!!!
Stacy, Danielle & Robin snuggling on Nana's bed

Lil sickling snuggling with her Nana-poor thing had a fever and a nasty ear infection (now she has thrush thanks to all the antibiotics BUT her ears are FINALLY clear-pray they stay that way so we don't even have to begin discussing tubes)

Her favorite lil spot-on Papa's lap in his chair looking at her pictures. Nana, I know this one makes your heart smile

Swinging outside on a day when it was CHILLY but Mama couldn't resist when you kept pointing outside and screaming to swing. Uncle Buddah-she is wearing the NY beanie you bought her, it FINALLY fits!!!

This is what you'll find in our bathroom on a typical morning. Bella sitting in the sink while Mama puts on makeup. She climbs on top of the toilet, and from there climbs onto the counter and then wriggles her booty into the sink-its hilarious but she loves it. I usually spend about 5 mintues each morning helping her clean up the messes she makes:)

HILARIOUSLY sweet story: Bella got a bunch of Sponge Bob Square Pants ("Pon Bob" as she calls him) DVDs for Easter. I was SICK of watching Pon Bob this day and wanted to watch the news so when she kept pointing to the dang Pon Bob DVDs and screaming, "POOOOOONNN BOOOOBBBB MAAAAAMAAAAAA". I finally got smart and said, "Honey, Pon Bob has to take a nap because you really wore him out today. Do you want to tuck him in?" So she gets every Pon Bob item in the house-DVDs, Beanie Baby and her new Burger King Pon Bob and tucks them in:)

"Shhh Mama, Pon Bob is seeepin" (Notice the B-E-A-UUUUUTIFUL princess pillow case-only one in the entire world just like it-designed just for Bella by her Aunt 'Tacy)

Just in case you have forgotten-we are DORKS!!!! Ben got Bella all dressed cute last Sunday with her lil golfer capris and matching hat and her Dora sunglasses. So we are on the way to Papa's for Sunday supper and I look in the rearview mirror and Ben has on Bella's other hat LOL I just happened to have a hat of Nana's in the car so we all donned our goofy hats and sunglasses for a family photo op:)

Bella saw a bird

Frickin dorks

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  1. Great pictures as always. LOVE the first one though- very touching. :) Now hurry up and have another one and join my club!!!