Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beautiful Spring

Our apple tree bloomed!!!!! We were worried because last year we only had ONE apple due to a late freeze so we were thrilled to see so many blooms!!!

We call this our "GiGi Apple Tree" now because Nana was so excited to come pick apples and make applesauce for Bella. We've also started a flower bed under the tree that we call "GiGi's flowers". It has caladiums (she grew a caladium that is now older than me and still going strong!!!), stargazer lilies (Ben bought bulbs for me for Valentines knowing stargazers were favorites of Nana and I), and the beautiful tulips Papa gave me for Valentine's Day.

Bella and I visit GiGi's flowers everytime its pretty outside. She loves to just sit there and look at the tree (and dig thru the dirt for worms that she rips in half LOL)

We bought this tent for Bella to use on the beach in Puerto Rico and Gulf Shores (didn't use it on either LOL). We have it set up in the covered deck now and she LOVES to play in it!!

Dancing like a silly monkey!!! I guess the name "Tiny Dancer" that I gave her when I was pregnant has stuck:)

Sweet lil cheeser- I LOVE YOU BEAN!!!!

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