Tuesday, October 21, 2008

31 weeks

WOOOOOO!!!! Other than waves of insane exhaustion and feeling like my son is beating drums inside of me (in between jamming his bum into my ribs and tickling my bladder), I am truly feeling awesome! After surviving Bella's 3rd trimester, I never imagined I could feel this amazing so late in pregnancy (*knock on wood*). OB said to keep doing whatever I'm doing cuz everything looks great. Passed my gestational diabetes test, came up "slightly" anemic-no big surprise since I've been anemic since I was a small child.

WARNING: Ignore the horrid no makeup total exhausted look:)

31 wks-Mr. Man has definitely pushed himself out a bit and changed positions

28 wks

31 wks

28 wks

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  1. You are almost done! Not too much longer to go. Yay! :)