Monday, October 6, 2008


First, I survived my gestational diabetes test-if its bad, I'll have results via phone in a few days; otherwise, via mail whenever. Wasn't so bad this time around since I didn't have to fast beforehand. Had a good appt-Mr. Man still measuring good and his HB was 145. I'm now on to appts every 2 weeks-its getting close!!!!!

Then we got to see Mr. Man and fall in love!! He looks just like his big sister-soooo beautiful!!! I just want to hold him and kiss that sweet lil face now! Bella even got into it and was pointing out his nose and eyes and blowing him kisses-it was really cute.

A beauty like his sister-same cute lil nose, pointy top lip, pouty bottom lip, and chunky cheeks:)

We told Bella that was Hunter saying "Hiiiii Sissy!!!"

He even opened his eyes!!!

Got his ankles crossed:) Lil monkey is all kinds of squished in there-his butt is at the very top under my right boob (OUCH no wonder, bony lil bum always smashing my ribs!!!), his toes are touching his nose when he stretches his legs out and he has his arms propped behind his head like he is chilling:) He did a nice lil yoga pose and waved at us by crossing his ankles, then putting his arm between his legs LOL He sucked on his toes too:)

And yes, the closet full of blue will not go to waste-still has his man parts!!! 4D is soooo weird, looks like his legs got amputated

I'll edit the DVD down some tomorrow and post. I'm sooo in love!!!!

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