Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Pictures

A local photographer that happens to be a mom in one of the playgroups is starting up her photography business and offered to do a photo shoot for the moms in our playgroup. They turned out awesome!!! I was thrilled because Bella is at the stage where posing in a studio just isn't happening, so we just ran around and played at Bogle Park while Laurie snapped shots.

These are my favs-not in any particular order at all, I just uploaded from the CD.

Bella LOVED this fence! She kept going back to it and anytime a car would drive by, she'd say, "Where'd they go?" and look down the road for them and say, "Come back!!!"

Gonna crop my fat legs outta this and we might look decent LOL

LOVE this one-its totally Bella!! She got pretty attached to that pumpkin:)

Last shot of the day-Bella and Mama dancing:)

Love this one of Bella walking around the flowers. Bogle Park is sooooo pretty all year!

My serious lil tootsy looking for cars

Checking out the flowers with Daddy

The fence again:)

Daddy's girl

I love this girl!!!!

Beautiful eyesDarn sun!!!

TOTALLY Bella!!!!

Getting some Mama love-thats her new thing, to lay her head on my tummy

Other than me looking like a dopehead, I LOVE this pic!!!

Laurie does an awesome job with candid shots! The best part is you get the CD of all the pics with all copyrights-I LOVE!!!! Her name is Laurie Glenn; phone number is 479-685-6193 and email is laurieglennphotography@gmail.com. I HIGHLY recommend her:)

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