Saturday, November 1, 2008

32 weeks

OMG so if I actually make it to the CSection date, Mr. Man will be here in little over a month and a half!!!! We're guessing he'll be here in about a month. We've got everything ready that he would absolutely need in the beginning-PLENTY of clothes, a place to sleep and one box of size 1 diapers LOL I have his bag packed-need to pack one for me, one for Ben and probably a few for Bella:) Luckily nesting kicked in today and we were able to get ALOT done around the house (perfect timing for Ben's Aunt Joyce to visit this week LOL).

I'm feeling awesome and find it so hard to believe that I'm feeling this great so late into the pregnancy. I guess the 3rd trimester with Bella kinda scarred me for life. Other than Hunter being EXTREMELY low (as in I can feel his limbs moving in the nether regions and it seriously feels like he is gonna pop his arm out and wave at me), I've only had one day of major discomfort and oh boy I was in PAIN because he was just so so so low. Otherwise I feel awesome, only have minimal swelling in my hands (hard to get my rings off) and have hit the stage where sleep isn't very restful (just preparing us for a new baby).

Bella (her lovely new Paris Hilton cheese) listening to the baby in HER belly LOL

32 weeks!!!!!

I screamed when this one came on the screen-literally!! No make up and huge scary stretch marks-best birth control in the world:)

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