Monday, November 24, 2008

No News is Good News???

Had my OB appt this afternoon and she opted NOT to check me to see if I've made in progress since I have such an irritable cervix and uterus (see its not ME thats irritable-its my cervix and uterus!!!). So no clue if anything is happening or not though if the stuff I was feeling this weekend is any indication there is a little something going on. Not that it makes any difference because I was 2cm with Bella for almost 2 months until my water broke. So I guess we'll know its time when my water breaks or the Tylenol just isn't hacking it anymore for the contractions (happened quite a few times over the past few days but I honestly don't feel like being stuck in L&D when nothing is happening and I can comfortably be in pain at home in my own bed).

Right now I'm just aiming to make it to next week and keeping my bets on Dec. 5th-I REALLY do NOT want to spend my bday in the hospital!!! He is EXTREMELY low to the point that even the receptionist at Bella's pediatrician made comments LOL I think he is gonna be down in my toes before he gets here-it is seriously NOT comfortable in the least and I guess just weird to me because Bella never got that low even during labor LOL

Spare a few extra prayers for us as we have a bit of a trying week:
  • Hunter keep on cooking!! Even tho its painful for Mama, keep moving so she doesn't worry.
  • Bella seems to have caught a virus thats going around. I had to pick her up early from school today because she was running a fever. Hoping that she feels better when she wakes up in the morning. She was miserable today. Her pediatrician said its mainly pain from her yukky throat and all the drainage. She was burning up this afternoon! I hate it when my baby doesn't feel good.
  • Ben's grma has been admitted to the hospital for what they originally thought was hernia pain (from her bout with cancer) but has turned out to be a kink in her large intestines that was causing a build up of bile. They've drained over 700mL of fluid already and are wanting to wait til Wednesday to determine the next steps. She is 95 years old so surgery is extremely risky BUT may be the only option to fix the situation. We'll most likely be taking Arby's turkey sandwiches up to the family waiting room to celebrate Thanksgiving. Luckily she is at the same hospital that we are having Hunter at so if my water does break at least we'll all be at the same place and she can see Hunter:) Ben's mom and uncle are taking turns staying with her so pray for their ability to get some sleep and strength.
  • For my family during our first Thanksgiving with Nana in Heaven


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  1. I had a doctors appt at 11:15 today. What time was yours?