Monday, December 1, 2008

ZILCH & Eviction Notice

Had a good OB appt today, BP still good and Hunter is doing great. I'm not dilated at all-ZILCH!!! I loooooove my body-contractions that measure as huge spikes on the monitors but apparently my cervix just doesn't register them. I'm just glad Hunter has had time to bake and has behaved since I've been on bedrest. I'll be 37wks this week so I'm sending him an eviction notice:) I'm not gonna push it but I'm not limiting myself anymore. Just gonna do as I please (at least until I get to the point where I can't bear the pain anymore) and maybe he'll be a good boy and listen to Mama just like his big sister did and I'll be holding him in my arms on Friday:) And if not, I'm still scheduled for the 17th which is ONLY16 days-I can do this!!!! So if you see a crazy preggo lady out walking in the snow or barely able to push her cart at WalMart-thats me!!! I'll have Ben take pics tonight so you can see that the child is in my toes LOL

Updates from my last post- Bella is doing mucho better!!! Ben stayed home on Tuesday because she was still running a fever in the morning but was chasing him around the house by 9:00 LOL I've got some cute pics and stories to update on her blog this evening. Ben's grma has been discharged from the hospital and is now in a rehab facility for approximately 2 weeks. Apparently the obstruction fixed itself and she has been able to handle solid foods-YAY!!!! We ended up cooking a mini-Thanksgiving meal (mostly out of cans and boxes LOL-totally NOT my normal Turkey Day meal but it turned out yummy) and took it up to the hospital so Ben's mom and grma could have a real Thanksgiving meal and we could spend time with family. It turned out to be a nice day and Ben got me Mexican on Friday night for my bday meal-YUMMMM!!!! Thanks for all the prayers!

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