Friday, December 12, 2008


Soooo will Hunter's DOB be 12/12/2008???? I had a really rough evening with timeable contractions-PAINFUL contractions. I was able to sleep a bit thru the night but had really bad heartburn that kept waking me up. I woke up feeling pretty bad so I let Ben have a turn taking Bella to school this morning cuz I knew there was no way I could sit in the car to drive, even if its only 10 minutes to her school.

I'm not losing as much of my mucus plug-guess the huge chunks throughout the week got most of it out. My cervix is VERRRRY high, can't tell if its dilated because its up so high now=GOOD sign!! I'm having lots of really painful, stabbing, pressure in my pelvic area. Anytime I stand up I have to literally hold my belly up because he is so low and its just too painful to walk. Its to the point where I really can't do much of anything without pain other than lay in bed and I've had about enough of that!!! I'm trying not to get excited or look too much into anything and just stay focused on the 17th:)

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