Sunday, December 14, 2008

Introducing Mr. Man

Mama updating with Hunter's birth story and pictures!!! I'll post pics first so if you don't want t read the gory details you can just enjoy Mr. Man in all his beauty:)

Hunter Thomas May arrived on Friday, December 12th @ 8:57pm weighing 7lbs 6oz and 19inches long.

Sweet pea right after he was born-came out beautiful!!! (ok HANDSOME)

Definitely doesn't have his sister's pencil legs-YAAAY!!!! They do look EXACTLY alike as newborns-I'll post comparisons later

Mama in all her puffy post-op glory with the cheesy princess (yes thats a fake smile not an irritated face LOL)

OMG Bella fell INSTANTLY in love when Nana and Daddy took her to pick up Hunter in the nursery with a HUGE smile on her face and said, "OOOHHH my baby!!"

She loves to just watch him and love on him

Definitely still got some work to do with her re: how to be gentle with the baby

Proudest Daddy in the world!!!

Meeting Papa (great grpa) who is absolutely head over heels in love with his "Pal"

There were 5 babies on the floor and Hunter was the ONLY boy so he got the nickname "Mr. Man" and the nurses all joked he had his own harem at birth. We put on his Christmas hat (thanks Aunt Rachel) so he could feel special and not be stuck in the boring ol hospital cap

Bella and Daddy sharing breakfast

Just chilling!!!!
Friday I joked all day that the full moon was gonna finally make it happen and that 12/12 would be such an easy DOB to remember-I was hopeful but figured we'd just go in on Wednesday as scheduled. My contractions were definitely more intense on Friday morning and had finally became timeable but only 8-10 minutes apart. They got alot more painful and closer together throughout the day. After Bella got home from school, it was very painful and they were coming about every 5 minutes. I wanted to give it time because they had been that close before only to tamper away. Ben got Bella fed and bathed and finally convinced me to call the OB when he could hear me in pain all the way on the other side of the house. They were coming about every 3-4 minutes at that point and I wasn't able to hold much of a conversation so the OB told me to go to the hospital. My mom came over to stay with Bella. I made Ben go thru the McD's drive-thru so he could have something to eat. I ate 3 fries and wanted to barf.
We got to the hospital around 7pm. I was only 1cm but the contractions were now coming every 2-3 minutes and much more painful. The OB was gonna come in soon so they could decide whether to just do the CSection that night or wait it out til Wednesday so they weren't giving me anything for the pain (I wasn't too thrilled about that one LOL). After about 30 minutes (guessing here because I was in crazy pain), the contractions started coming right on top of one another to the point it felt like there was no break in between them. Next thing I knew the nurse was running out to the hallway screaming "O2 mask NOW!!!" and they were put me on oxygen. I was just screaming in pain so I couldn't really register what was happening or what they were saying but within a couple of minutes they had me up on my knees and elbows and they were telling people to page the OB "STAT". Apparently Hunter was in extreme distress and was laying on his cord. His heartrate had gone from 150 to 90 and was falling. They were able to get it to stabilize once I was on all fours and said, "We are going NOW! We HAVE to get this baby out STAT!!!"
They wheeled me to the OR on all fours-at that point I was in so much pain and just wanted Hunter to be ok that I really didn't care what I looked like or who saw me in that crazy position. They were able to let me lay on my side in the OR and we were able to keep Hunter stable while the anesthesiologist got the spinal block going (SOOOO much better than the epidural I had with Bella). Dr. Smith got there first and we waited about 3 minutes until Dr. Ford arrived and they started immediately. The spinal only went up so far on my chest so when they started having to push Hunter down it was really painful and they gave me some extra drugs-I was still able to tell what was going on and got to hear Hunter's awesome screams when he came out.
He was in pretty bad distress towards the end because he did swallow meconium and actually came out pooping LOL But his Apgars were perfect and so was he:) He looks almost exactly like his sister when she was born.
ok Mr. Man says its time to eat before Mama hits the sack so I'll finish the post-birth story later. He is so perfect and soooooo laid back!!!

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