Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Daily Update 12/3

NOoooooooo we have not had Hunter yet LOL I PROMISE that we will call all the necessary parties when we head to the hospital!!! :)

I went on a 2 hour grocery shopping trip and it didn't kill me WOOOO Ok so I went super slow-was getting passed by all the grannies in the aisles and all areas of my body between my belly button and my knees are SUPER sore but I feel great. I actually ended up having a burst of energy after lunch-figured I'd be passed out for the rest of the day after that. I wasn't able to sleep at all today-tried to nap in the morning AND afternoon with no success. AND Wolverine is talking to me-normally he ignores me and only loves Ben except for right before I had Bella so heres to hoping:)

I'm going mega Christmas shopping tomorrow and plan to bring a towel in the car with me *just in case*. Gonna leave the bags at home so I don't jinx it too much LOL I'm still aiming for Friday!!!! BUT if it doesn't happen at least I know that we will be holding our lil man SOMETIME within the next 2 weeks OR as my lovely husband pointed out, "Maybe 2 weeks and 1 day if there are a lot of emergency CSections that bump you to the 18th". I think the man has a death wish! He saved himself by making me a delicious toasted wrap for dinner:)

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