Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mucus Plug

FYI this one might get too graphic for some:)

I started losing my mucus plug on Tuesday-everytime I go to the bathroom there is more, seems neverending LOL Yesterday it started to have streaks of blood in it which means I'm actually dilating!!! OMG yes, IIIIII am dilating-NEVER thought that one would happen in this lifetime LOL Contractions are still coming, just a lil more consistent and more intense. I called the nurseline on Wednesday morning because of the blood and the OB on call said that its a *normal* part of the dilating process and that I didn't need to come in or worry. This pregnancy has been SOOOOO different than Bella's!!! So we'll just see if my water breaks and if not, we'll be holding Mr. Man on Wednesday:) By the way, tomorrow is a full moon:)

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