Monday, December 1, 2008

Silly Girl

Our sweet girl has officially hit the "parrot" stage-she repeats EVERYTHING!!!! Its really neat to just watch her mind work and she has so much personality oozing from every lil pore and a wild imagination!!
I stopped by the ATM this morning to get money for preschool and the machine said, "Thank you for banking with us". Miss Thang pipes up from the back seat, "You're welcome!!"
We've moved the baby carseat into the backseat with her and let her buckle one of her baby dolls in (she is gonna be a HUGE help-already has the buckling and unbuckling down pat) and every time she gets in the car now she has to make sure the baby is tucked in under the blankets:)
Here are some pictures....
She was playing in the tub last night (those are bubbles not grime LOL) and told Daddy, "CHEESE!!" and pointed towards the living room-she wanted him to take her picture! Silly girl loves to pose:)

Daddy & Bella participated in Mama's nesting-HAD to get the Christmas decorations up!!! Bella actually really got into decorating the tree this year. She helped unwrap all the ornaments and told Daddy where to hang them on the tree. Gotta love our sad lil leaning tower of a tree. We have a huge 7ft one but can't put it up because the cats think its a napping place.

Bella stole some ornaments and insisted Daddy hang them in her room


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