Friday, December 12, 2008

Eviction Notice-SERVED

Hey sweet boy! Time to pack up the camping gear and come on out to play-can't you hear your big sister running around acting silly? You can come out and stretch all you want and watch her dance around you and sing you sweet songs. Its gotta be getting cramped in there. I know being the youngest you are gonna feel like you have to one up your sister-well guess what??? You've done it bud!! You have officially stayed in the womb 2 days longer than Bella Bean:) WOOOOO You can hold it over her head if ya want-2 days is enough to earn that privilege! Do it on your own terms, don't wait til Wednesday when the docs yank ya out whether ya want to come or not. There is even a full moon tonight-suppose to be the fullest of the entire year! You could use it as your big spotlight for your grand appearance!!! And "12/12/08" is a super easy date to remember as a DOB-everyone would remember to celebrate:) Thank you for being a good boy and baking this long-Mama is SOOOO proud of you! Now I'm gonna be a finicky mama and tell you ENOUGH-you can come out now:) I love you so much stinker and can't wait to hold you and kiss you and just look at you.


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