Friday, November 7, 2008

Mama Gut Feeling

No my stomach isn't hurt LOL I just keep having a premonition of the date that Hunter will be born. I had the same thing happen with Bella (on top of knowing by 6wks that she was most definitely a SHE despite every single person insisting it HAD to be a boy!!!). Bella's due date was July 28th and at the beginning I kept thinking she was going to be born in August for some reason. Then towards the end, in the 3rd trimester, I KNEW she would be born July 15th. I had always told her she was NOT allowed to be born on July 10th because that was Mama and Daddy's day (our anniversary). For some reason, July 15th just kept coming to me and I even told Ben I knew thats when she'd come. I totally forgot about it and then she was born on July 15th and Ben reminded me-we all got a good laugh out of it.

This time, Hunter's due date is Christmas Day with a CSection scheduled for Dec. 17th. I have always doubted I would make it that far along since Bella was born at 38wks. The past month I've been having dreams that my water breaks and when I go to the bathroom I keep getting this premonition that my water is gonna break (I KNOW I'm weird!!!). So the past week or so, Dec. 5th keeps coming to me. At first I kept checking every calendar I have trying to figure out what is going on that day, what significance it plays, etc. thinking its just a date stuck in my head because I have something going on that day. Nada. So now I'm really thinking its the day that Hunter is going to arrive. I would be 37 1/2 wks so he would be just fine and it would be consistent with previous birth history. And it would be nice because it would be far enough from Christmas that we could still really make it a special day for him every year. PLUS it would be a Friday, so Bella could still stay with my mom without her having to take off work since I would just be in the hospital over the weekend, and then Ben could take off the next 10 days until my mom's vacation starts. k gonna stop planning this out in my head before I jinx it LOL BUT if Dec. 5th is THE day, then there are only 27 days left HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!

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