Monday, April 13, 2009

Care Calendar

God has blessed us with an amazing family, terrific friends, a beautiful community group, and the absolutely awesomestestestest church family!!! I have gotten to know (though not yet personally meet) so many great people over the past week through the many prayers at Fellowship. God is definitely using my cancer to bring together people that probably might not have ever gotten the chance to meet-it will NOT be wasted!!!

One of God's awesome angels is Kelly. She managed to organize over 90 meals to be delivered to my family in less than 24 hours!!! Only an awesome woman with God behind her could manage that kind of miracle:) AND I get to meet her for the first time EVER this evening-and two of her beautiful girls!! (I had been secretly hoping to meet her girls but didn't want to be greedy since she had already gone WAY above and beyond anything that anyone could ever imagine-I know Bella is going to fall in love with them and I'm sure Mr. Man will shower them with his flirty smile and hilarious old man chuckle!!!) I promise to try and remember to pull out my camera and at least get some shots of the kiddos.

One of the great things Kelly has done is create a Care Calendar-my kinda chica, VERY organized:) This allows her to post the days that are up for grabs to have meals delivered, as well as any other needs (childcare, errands, transportation, etc.) while we are focusing on conquering my cancer. Its been awesome so far because I can put in there the dates of my surgery, when we'll have extra mouths to feed at the house while we have family here to help out, etc. SOOOO for everyone that has asked HOW they can help and for some crazy reason want to do more than pray (which means the world and has totally lifted our family up and kept us encouraged over the past week), here is the place to go:
Calendar ID is 14895
Security Code is 7022

I've also posted the link and codes at the top right corner of the blog in case you want to check back later. The calendar goes through the end of August but hopefully I will get a perfect bill of health at my post-op appointment in May and can say "STOP!!!" :) Never thought I would pray to be able to scream "STOP" at the top of my lungs towards people helping my family-but I'll be thankful for the day when we have totally conquered this disease and can take our turns at helping someone else.

HUGE HUGS, PRAYERS, PRAISE TO GOD, and THANKS to EVERYONE who has already become a "Helper" and to everyone who is praying!!! Your love, support and faith is overwhelming and is exactly what will get us all through this:) I'll never be able to thank you each enough or give God enough praise, but I WILL so much look forward to the opportunity to serve when its our turn.

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