Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Babies

If anyone has any resources, ideas, tips, websites, books, etc. on how to handle Bella through this journey it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Another God blessing-I was on bedrest for most of my third trimester with Hunter so Bella has already seen me in and out of the hospital a few times and has had to deal with the fact that sometimes Mama can't pick her up or can't wrestle, play, get out of bed (though I do NOT plan on laying around in bed unless I'm instructed to by my doctors), etc. We plan on telling her that Mama has a "boo-boo" and that the doctors are going to give me lots of good medicine and band-aids and then Mama will be better-basically language and concepts she can relate to. She just had an adenoidectomy and tubes put in her ears so she isn't exactly fond of doctors or medicine at the moment LOL When my mom had thyroid cancer when I was young, we weren't allowed to visit her in the hospital (not by her choice so don't go bashing my mama or I'll poke you), so it has been my vow since the moment I got diagnosed that no matter what, above all else, my children will see me every single day and get a mama hug and kiss. I want them to know that yeah mama is sick but she is still here, she is gonna be ok and their ornery lil selves are stuck with me! And yet another God blessing-Hunter isn't too fond of breastfeeding. Bella REFUSED to take a bottle so I was her human pacifier for 15 months. Hunter is too dang busy checking everything out around him that it is VERY hard to get him to breastfeed, so he is now down to 1-2 times per day and that is only if I get him when he first wakes up and is super hungry-when he'll actually sacrifice a few minutes of being uber observant to eat. So one less stressor-don't have to worry about weaning him.

I'm literally thanking God nearly every moment that he blessed us with two beautiful children before my diagnosis since I have been handed a lifetime guaranteed birth control:)

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