Friday, April 10, 2009

Moving Along

YAY Oncologist's nurse called today and she already had all my testing and pre-op appts made!! I was very excited because she said she probably wouldn't get to it until Monday afternoon:)

CT & Xray scheduled for Tuesday morning @ NWMC
Pre-Op @ WRMC scheduled for April 21st

I also got a 2nd opinion appt scheduled with Dr. Smith at Highlands Oncology for Tuesday afternoon. (Amy-he did his residency at Texas-MUST be good!!!)

I'm ready to kick this thing to the curb!! I've been having ALOT of really bad lower back pain. I'll lay down and take a nap and feel ok when I wake up but the minute I sit up it returns. The exhaustion is getting kinda old too-its an exhaustion like I've never felt before, sleeping doesn't make it any better. This afternoon I've also been having a lot of pain in my lower left abdomen/pelvic area. I don't like this part of actually FEELING sick-I didn't FEEL sick for so long. Trying to remember to be thankful that its only stage 1B1 and keep a positive mindset. Please pray for a pain free Easter weekend so I can have a blast watching my baby chase eggs tomorrow and enjoy a beautiful service on Sunday.

Hope everyone has a beautiful Easter~He was born so He could die for us.

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