Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Allergies Schmallergies

BLAH sick of allergies and the darn rain that just makes it worse!!! Bella was started on Singulair yesterday so hopefully that will magically do the trick. So far just Zyrtec and Nasonex hasn't worked. We are to try the Singulair until the samples run out. If it works, then she'll be on it permanently. If not, then we try Sudal without the Zyrtec.

She doesn't act like she doesn't feel good-still has tons of energy and has actually been eating and sleeping again, but she has constant congestion which is now causing a cough. None of its contagious-no fever, no green/yellow gunk, just fun ol allergies. Poor baby, it was one thing I didn't want her to inherit-that and my asthma. But I guess when you have parents who both have allergies and asthma, you are cursed LOL

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