Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Second Trimester!!

WOOOOO Milestone #1 accomplished!!!!

We (Ben, Bella and I) got to hear Squirt's heartbeat (160!!) yesterday. Unfortunately they scheduled my ultrasound wrong so I have to go back tomorrow morning-hopefully I'll have some Squirt pics to share:) Might even get a guess at the gender tho its not real reliable until after 20 wks.

I somehow managed to lose 4 lbs!! Dunno where I lost it at cuz my belly is definitely growing. Just another way that this pregnancy is completely different from what I had with Bella. By the end of the first trimester with her, I think I had gained 10-15 lbs LOL I've been eating like crazy so I dunno what the deal is other than my morning sickness which started to really fad but its been pretty yukky the past week. Here is to hoping I get my 2nd trimester energy hit soon:)

13 weeks


The second trimester is sometimes referred to as the "honeymoon of pregnancy." This is because women often regain energy, with much of the arduous work of organ development now almost complete. As you enter your second trimester, your nausea most likely has faded into a memory. (If you had to stop taking prenatal vitamins during this time, you should begin to take them again as soon as possible.) You may feel absolutely wonderful. You aren't yet subject to the physical discomforts that may appear in the later weeks of pregnancy and you may finally feel ready to reveal your long-held secret to the world.


Measuring in at about seven centimeters crown-to-rump and weighing about two ounces, your baby-to-be will spend the rest of the pregnancy concentrating on growing and becoming strong enough to live outside the uterus. Your baby's intestines have now moved from outside the body to inside the abdomen. While your baby won't be saying "Mommy" for some time, vocal cords are now developing. Your fetus also has developed many reflexes and will squirm inside of you if your abdomen is prodded.

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