Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Fun at the Park

Monday, Ben had a Boy Scout meeting so we decided to meet him at a park in Rogers and then go out to eat.

This is how I found Sleeping Beauty when I went to wake her

Making Uncle Popeye proud-conquering the climing wall!!!

"I do it Dadiiii!!!"

She insisted on playing on the big kid playground LOL

Going down the big kid "rocket slide"

The park was empty so she naturally owned the place

Stairs are over-rated

Like Father Like Daughter

WEEEEEEEEE Daddy had to help out a little because her sneakers kept getting her stuck

Riding the dinosaur

Climbing Big Shot

Do NOT mess up my concentration!!!

More big kid slide fun

My favorite silly billies


She decided she should be fair and give the baby playground some lovin too

Darn sneakers always getting in my way!!!


She eyed her new favorite-planes or "Banes" as she calls them

I love you!!!!!!

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