Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Picture Catch Up

We had a BUSY weekend the 2nd weekend of May-here are some pics...

We had a birthday party for Nana-GiGi on May 9th. She would have been 70 this year!! We celebrated with her favorite dessert-Twinkies:) She would have LOVED Bella's excitement over devouring them!


The next day-May 10th- was Daddy's 30th birthday!!! Bella wasn't too sure about helping with the candles:)

Ben opening gifts

Bella being a cheesy monkey playing with one of Daddy's gifts (paintbrush)

The infamous "Daddy face"-Ben made this face one day while they were in the shower and she LOOOOOOVES to imitate lately. Now we just have to say, "Make the Daddy face" LOL

Group effort at the Daddy face

Bella's Guys- Uncle Popeye, Pop, and Daddy
Oh wow-total blackmail material!!!! Daddy was playing with a balloon over her head so her hair is sticky up and she adds to it with that lovely smirk:)

Having a fun tubber

Being nice and ladylike while *patiently* waiting for the Child Dedication ceremony to start on May 11th
Family Pic-this describes it all perfectly LOL our beautiful lil hooligan

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