Tuesday, May 27, 2008


WOOOOO in the double digits!!!! I'll have Ben take pics tonight. I've had to move into maternity pants-this time only size mediums and they are kinda loose but my regular pants are just cutting into me too much. My larges from when I was pregnant with Bella are WAAAAY too big!!


By the end of this week, your baby will have verifiable fingers and toes. The tadpole appearance diminishes as the tail completely disappears. Eyelids fuse and will stay shut until weeks 25 to 27. Both the external ear and upper lip are complete, and the beginnings of external genitalia appear. The average size of your baby-to-be is 27 to 35 millimeters, crown to rump, or 1.06 to 1.38 inches. Your little one weighs in at a hefty four grams! At the end of the eighth week of gestation your little one is no longer an embryo; from now on he or she is refered to as a fetus.

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