Monday, May 19, 2008

Lil Squirt has a heartbeat!!!!

Squirt's first Kodak moment!!!!
The red circle is our ONE lil peanut-has a beautifully beating (FAST) heart. The blue circle is the amniotic fluid. Hopefully I won't have a whopping HUGE placenta again but it kept my baby healthy so whatever works:)
As long as everything goes good and my water doesn't break early again, we are looking at a C-Section date of Wednesday, December 17th. We are planning on touring both Northwest and Mercy before we decide where we will deliver since Dr. Ford doesn't deliver at Willow Creek:( Next appt is June 16th! I'm EXHAUSTED but morning sickness was better today. Sunday it was awful and I had to rip open my crackers during church or I would have hurled all over the place. I'm ALWAYS starving. Only 1 more month til the 2nd trimester-looking forward to having my energy back!!!!

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