Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Cuddly time with Daddy~ My absolutely two favoritestestest people in the world!!!

Hehe this is how we told Daddy that Bella is gonna be a big sister by Christmas! FYI-OB has due date as Christmas Day

Yes, that is my BABY on the potty like a big girl!!! She hasn't actually produced anything while on the potty but at least she likes it:) She is getting to the point where she'll pull out the Dora seat AFTER she has gone in her diaper-hey, its something:)

Talking to Daddy while she is on the Dora throne:)

Our blooms out front- I hate these bushes when they aren't flowering because they look so twiggy and pathetic

This is actually the most its ever flowered since we've lived here. There were hardly any blooms last year because of the late frost.

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