Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

Exhaustion and morning sickness (more like all day off and on roller coaster of nausea without any puking) is at an all time high. I'm convinced its a boy cuz I had hardly any morning sickness with Bella. Awesome Susan gave me her leftover B6 so I'm gonna start it tomorrow morning and hopefully it will help. I'm sick of Saltines!!!

I had some spotting yesterday but its pretty much stopped and after reading all the pregnancy books that I luckily had stocked up on during my pregnancy with Bella, I was reassured that its pretty normal early in pregnancy and nothing to worry over as long as you don't have painful cramping and it doesn't last more than 3 days. I have my next appt on Wednesday so I'll be sure to mention it.

I'm having my first cravings-mozarella sticks with marianera sauce from Sonic LOL Kind of like my bread sticks and marinera when I was preggo with Bella. The jeans are starting to get a little bit snug, luckily Nana wore one size bigger than me so I've been wearing some of her jeans. Its nice to know she is hugging my Squirt belly. I miss her and I know I'm going to so much during this pregnancy but I know Squirt is here because of her and she is with us every second.

My new fav-Bella LOOOOOVES to pat my belly and kiss 'baaabaaay'. She can now hold her baby doll in a good cradle position (use to hold it by its head and then slam it on the floor LOL) and feed it a bottle. Sooooo cute!!!!

ALMOST 7 weeks:) I figured I'll be busy getting ready for Ben's 3-0 this week so I'll go ahead and do the 7 wk info.

Rapid acceleration of hormones can cause your face to break out. Wash your face twice a day with a gentle cleaner and drink plenty of water. If you are taking vitamin B6 to help with nausea, you may find it also improves the condition of your skin. Your waist may already be expanding, causing your clothes to feel snug. You may experience constipation and have occasional bouts of indigestion. Some women also feel a bit dizzy or lightheaded at times. (Of course, any persistent symptoms that concern you should be immediately reported to your practitioner.)

Your baby-to-be is the size of a small bean, measuring in at approximately 9 to 11 millimeters, crown to rump. Dark spots, mark the early formation of the eyes. Pits indicate the formation of nostrils and ears. Your baby's brain is developing rapidly, and limbs and facial characteristics are now forming. Your baby's heart now has a right and left chamber. An ultrasound may be able to detect heart motion. The esophagus and trachea are changing and differentiating into separate tubes, with lungs positioned on either side.


  1. Hey now, we were told there was going to be a 6 week belly pic! It's almost 7 weeks :)

  2. Bella is going to be a wonderful big sister. I can't wait to see her be a part of this. Tiggy and That Boy are the most wonderful parents in the whole, wide world. These babies are very blessed to be a part of that family. I love you all and am watching with total joy and love.
    Love you all - Nana
    Tiggy - thanks for being the best daughter and friend to me and for taking such good care of my grandbaby and her father.
    That Boy - thanks for being my favorite second son and for being such a wonderful father and husband. There are many people who can learn by the examples that you and your wife are setting on what unconditional love and acceptance are all about. You rock!!!