Wednesday, May 21, 2008

9 weeks

Ignore the beautiful ponytail-its HOT!!!! Squirt is sticking out just a bit farther this week. Looks more like an actual bump instead of a large roll:)

8 wk comparison

Read below-my boobs are right on track LOL I have my maternity capri sweats on and they are so stretched from Bella that I have to hike them up a bit-I look like Urkel!!

8 wk comparison


Your breasts may be feeling full and tender. This can be one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. The areola typically darkens and Montgomery's glands, lubricating sweat glands on the areola, may become prominent and more numerous. Especially for those with a light complexion, veins in the breast often become more pronounced. Emotionally, you may feel like you are suffering from an ongoing bout of PMS. Even silly commercials may make you cry! (YEP I'm being a cranky baby!!!!)


This week, your baby-to-be grows to between 20 and 28 millimeters from crown to rump, or about an inch. Weighing in at one gram, your baby is very active, although you can't feel its movements. He or she now has all the major organs, muscles and nerves. A Doppler may be able to identify the heartbeat. While testes and ovaries are formed, external genitalia appear sexless, which is why it is too early for an ultrasound to reveal gender. Eyelids are beginning to form and the trunk is straightening and elongating.

Having a bit of a scare this week. I was exposed to Fifth's Disease which can cause severe anemia in the baby in rare cases so I'm going in for bloodwork tomorrow afternoon to see if I'm immune. 50% of women are immune and of the 50% that aren't, only a VERRRRRRY few have problems with the pregnancy.

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