Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Squirt's Kodak Moment

I got to see my sweet lil Squirt today!!! Yep, I'm already head over heels:) The U/S tech said this one is gonna be our snuggler because it kept rolling up into a ball. It was sucking its thumb and playing with its face.

Baby is inside the big black round thing-the bag:) (Sorry doing it elementary cuz for some reason some people don't see babies easily on U/S-I personally think its VERY obvious LOL) The bright white curve is the spine. Has SUPER long and skinny legs. Big ol tummy:) You can see its hand with thumb sticking out going towards the face.

awww my beautiful baby!!!! Close up shot of the face-you can see the hand going for the mouth:) And of course, all my babies are gonna have chipmunk cheeks LOL Also has a very definite chin.

The tech said everything looked great-no obvious markers for Downs or any Trisomies and is measuring perfectly on target:)

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