Thursday, September 25, 2008

27 weeks

WOOOOO that means only 13 wks til Christmas LOL and 12 wks til CSection date:)

Had a good appt today-it was a follow up from last week's spotting episodes. I continued to spot up until Tuesday. My body got bored of spotting and decided it would just start contractions instead. I had strong, hard, PAINFUL ones most of the day Tuesday-nothing consistent enough to call and they always subsided when I drank water and rested. Wednesday had them off and on again but not nearly as bad, and same for today. OB wasn't worried since I have a history of that in my pregnancy with Bella and its already been determined I have an irritable uterus AND cervix. I'm just listening to my body better this time and making myself rest more-kinda hard with a 2 yr old but I've gone back to "sleep while the baby sleeps" when I can:)

I got kinda down about it on Tuesday thinking "great, this 3rd trimester is gonna end up being as horrible as it was with Bella". But once the contractions subsided, I was able to relax and remind myself this is the LAST time I will ever have to go thru this so I'm just gonna soak it up and enjoy feeling my lil man play the drums inside me:)

I'm now up a total of 17 lbs (GASP) but it is SOOOO much better than I was at this point with Bella so I'm staying optimistic about my goal of keeping it under 30lbs which would be HALF of what I gained with her LOL

We had quite the morning at our house-I'll update on Bella's blog. Will try to update with pics tonight-IF I have time-all my shows are premiering tonight.... Survivor, Grey's Anatomy and ER!!! WOOOOOOOOOO

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