Thursday, September 25, 2008

Silly Pics

We had quite the hectic morning at our house today. Bella's allergies started going wacky a few weeks ago when it started raining. Apparently she is super allergic to mold so she does fine on her regular allergy meds (Singulair & Zyrtec) when its dry outside but ends up super sniffling, running, stuffing and yukky when it rains. So the allergy doc switched her from Zyrtec to Allegra-NOPE! So we tried Claritin-even worse AND ended up with the beginnings of a sinus infection.

So we decided to keep her home from school today. I already had an OB appt scheduled for 8:45 so Ben stayed home this morning so I could get work done and we were able to get her an appt with the doctor-at 9:00!!! So I went to OB, Ben took her to doc, luckily I ended up getting done with my appt and over to her doc's office just in time to answer the questions that Ben wasn't sure on. So now she is BACK on Zyrtec and now an antibiotic. EXHAUSTING!!!!

Here are some pics to make it worth your while reading that novel LOL

Daddy cooked breakfast for dinner-one of our favs. Bella really enjoyed her toast with strawberry preserves LOL

Being a silly goober sticking her tongue out at Mama

We went to the Benton County Fair a few weeks ago-Bella visiting with a goat

She loved the pigs!!!!

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