Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Like we expected, as always goes with Bella, the newest milestone happened on her terms and on her timeline. I got her up after her nap this afternoon and went to change her diaper-she wasn't having anything to do with it. So cranky preggo mama said, "Fine you can run around naked." So she did and she told me when she needed to go potty!!!!! She has NEVER told us before she needed to go-always AFTER the diaper is full.

So I ran her to the bathroom, put her Dora potty seat on the toilet and "tinkle tinkle tinkle" OMG first time ever she actually peed on the potty!! She was almost as excited as I was and I had to keep her from jumping off the potty from being so excited LOL I said, "Keep going. Go some more." And she did-emptied that lil bladder. I let her put TWO stickers on her posterboard instead of just one and she was so proud of herself.

Still didn't want to put a diaper on which was fine with me-I'd much rather her potty. About 15 minutes later, she starts running to the bathroom yelling "POTTY POTTY POTTY". She peed again and when I said, "More?" She tooted and giggled LOL She normally doesn't have BMs in the afternoon so it was an easy go of it.

She ended up having a minor accident on my bed but held it until she got to the potty. Then she peed 2 more times in the potty when Daddy got home. Then she got to watching cartoons and playing and forgot about the potty so we put a diaper back on her.

Game plan is to take her to school in a diaper, bring the Dora potty seat and stickers so she can tell them if/when she needs to go but obviously she can't run around naked and since she isn't use to underwear yet I don't want it to end up being a bad experience and totally turning her off of the whole deal. Tomorrow when she wakes up from her nap we will hopefully repeat the naked time and then maybe this weekend we can work on underwear.

WOOOHOOO we were shooting for getting her to sleep in her big girl bed and she surprises us with the potty!!! I just hope she keeps it up and doesn't lose interest or end up reverting totally back after Hunter arrives. She racked it up on stickers today!

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