Thursday, September 18, 2008

Double Digits & Update

WOOOOOO we are officially in double digits for the countdown!!! I never made it to single digits with Bella so we'll see how her brother behaves:) He has been a naughty boy this week sending mama to the OB yesterday with spotting and cramps. Turns out I had the beginnings of a polyp on my cervix which the OB had to hit with silver nitrate-NOT fun but at least she didn't have to actually go in and remove it.

Then she listened to his heartbeat which was off the charts-normally he runs 140-150 and it was 180-190!! So she put me on the monitors for about an hour and he eventually regulated. They did get to see just how active my monster is LOL The nurse actually had to come in and turn down the monitor sound because it was disturbing the rest of the office he was moving so much!!!

I go back for follow-up next week. I was having bad cramps last night and some heavier spotting this morning so I'm hoping its just the darn polyp getting rid of itself. I just want a BORING pregnancy!!!!

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