Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Girl Bed Update

New game plan beginning tonight:

This week we will have dinner time, do Bella's meds, final diaper and then all go to her big girl bed and she can drink her milk while we read books. Then put her in her crib.

This weekend Ben will disassemble the crib so it is no longer an option at all. We were iffy about this at first since we're just gonna turn around and put it back together for Hunter but if it gets chickadee into her big girl bed then its worth it.

We're going to put a gate up outside of her door since she can (and does) get out of her bed and open the door (and chase us down the hallway). And we'll do the milk/reading routine and just leave her in the big girl bed. I'm sure we'll go thru a few crying fit nights but hopefully after a week she will be well transitioned. We'll keep ya updated:)

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  1. Just a little tip from a mom with baby houdiney (sp?). Put the gate up high enough where she can't climb over but not too high so she can't crawl under. :)